The Yukon’s Preeminent Manufacturer & Sales of Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors, Auto Glass, Overhead Doors, Skylights, Custom Glass and Aluminium Siding.

Northerm’s Mission Statement

RAB Energy Group Inc. is a Yukon First Nation owned, for profit corporation whose trademark’s Northerm and Capitol Glass are in the business of providing the highest quality windows, doors, glass and related building products to consumers throughout the north with emphasis on superior service, the well being of employees, customers, owners, and the environment.

Northerm’s Core Values

  • All (RAB) Northerm activities, operations and business ventures will be conducted in a courteous and professional manner based on dignity, respect, honesty and integrity for employees and customers.
  • (RAB) Northerm will strive to ensure quality in our products and services is paramount in all we do.
  • (RAB) Northerm recognizes the right employees are the most important and valuable asset and will continually strive to build their capacity.
  • (RAB) Northerm activities are based on teamwork and cooperation while ensuring all involved enjoy and benefit.
  • (RAB) Northerm will manage our land and assets to enhance their long-term value and provide a reasonable return to the owners.
  • (RAB) Northerm will be conscious of its business practices with respect to the environment.
  • (RAB) Northerm business activities will focus on being the best at what they do the best.