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Basic Entry Door


  • Metal slabs with a polyurethane foam core, 4X as effective as a wooden door
  • Provided with a primer coat, ready to be painted
  • Internal wood stiles on both the hinge and latch side of the slab for added security
  • Compression weather-stripping and multi-finned sweep provide excellent weather-tightness

  • Swing (Right or Left, In or Out)
  • 4-1/2”, 6-1/2” or 9-1/2” FJP jambs or 6-1/2” vinyl jambs
  • Wood brickmold included with all doors
  • Single or Double drilling
  • Brass, Nickel, or Black Chrome hinges
  • Spring Hinges available for garage-to-house doors
  • Decorative Glass available. Good selection on-hand, or we’re always willing to special order
  • Sash locks available for added security on out-swing doors
  • Add-a-kerf weather-strip available for an improved weather seal
  • Peephole available
  • Custom heights available

Entry Door Sizes Chart

Entry Door Sizes Chart

Entry Door Configurations Chart

Door Configurations

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