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Great Efficiency

Our sealed units provide great energy efficiency. Whether you’re replacing a broken or fogged unit or looking for the glass for your next windows, Northerm has what you need.

Need Flat Glass?

Whether it is replacement glass for a cabinet, plexi-glass for your hobby project or safety glass, Northerm can help!

Need a New Mirror?

Northerm can cut a mirror from 3mm or 5mm stock to whatever size you require. We’ll sand the edges down to help prevent cuts from exposed edges, and we can also provide you with Vancouver clips to mount the mirror nearly invisibly to the wall.

  • Quanex IG Spacers all-foam, non-metal spacer for great energy efficiency and increased durability
  • All of our triple-pane units meet the EnergyStar™ Standard for the Whitehorse region
  • 10 year warranty on all of our sealed units
  • Highly-efficient sealed units reduce condensation and noise pollution

  • Double or triple pane
  • Cavities can be Argon-filled, which helps prevent noise pollution, condensation and improves the overall efficiency of the sealed unit
  • Up to two panes of Low-E glass ( Comfort TI) in a triple pane unit for great energy efficiency
  • Six types of obscured glass, great for anyplace you want both daylight and privacy
  • Replacement units can be built to the size you need, even if we didn´t build the frame
  • Laminated safety glass available for added strength, sound resistance
  • Custom shapes built to your template
  • 5/8” x ¼” Standard Grills available in white or brass, in a multitude of patterns
  • ¼” x ¼” Slim grills available in white, brass or charcoal, in a multitude of patterns

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