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Source of natural lighting where regular skylights can’t be installed. Quick, simple installation for any shingle or shake roof. Ideal for interior room, closets and bathrooms. Available in sloped and flat roof models. Elbows and tube extentions are available. Columbia Sun Tubes are available in three different sizes. Columbia’s Rigid Sun Tube skylight provides a tunnel that is highly reflective and maximizes the illumination in your room below. As rays of light bounce or bend, their intensity diminishes. The Columbia system is designed to access as much direct sunlight with as few bends as possible.

Natural beauty and light

Columbia Skylights will bring more light and warmth into your home. Natural light makes any room or space more enjoyable, highlighting interior design while bringing out the true colours of your furnishings.

Skylight benefits

Skylights increase the value of your home and extend inner and outer design beauty. Classic in their simplicity, elegance, and indifference to ever changing trends, skylights add a bright outlook to your contemporary lifestyle.


Expand the feeling and sensation of spaciousness without having to add square footage. Skylights transform neglected spaces into living areas, opening your home to more pleasurable living.

20-year warranty

Columbia Skylights are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of twenty years from the original date of purchase.

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