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Extreme performance and durability

In all weather conditions and over the years, these windows give you the best protection and the greatest comfort a window can provide. This remarkable performance is the result of constant attention to the smallest detail.

  • The ultime weather barrier
  • Unsurpassed reliability
  • An attractive appearance for years

These superior quality windows exceed the highest industry standards. Greater comfort, lower energy costs, extraordinary resistance, and a beautifully finished look bring your home the best added value possible.

Available styles

Awning, Casement

Multichamber design

  • More chambers than any competing product. Provides superior thermal insulation and sound reduction. Guaranteed outstanding resistance to warping and crushing (minimizing the likelihood of seal failure and gas loss).

Exclusive PVC compound

  • Gives the window better resistance to impacts and discoloration.

Refreshed style

  • Optional inside and outside design accessories for a neat finish.

Fusion-welded corners

  • Give a more attractive appearance, enhance solidity, and eliminate the need for adhesives and sealants. 
  • 100% watertight and airtight.

Triple-layer weatherstripping

  • Provides superior insulation, virtually eliminating air, water, dust, and dirt infiltration. Easily replaceable if needed, thanks to the groove.

Optional low-E double or triple glazing with argon gas

  • For increased energy efficiency.

Interior glazing bead

  • Designed to withstand extreme conditions and provides greater security.

Exclusive anchoring system for opening/locking mechanisms

  • Specially designed mounting screws installed through a minimum of two PVC walls for reliable, durable, and secure fastening.   

Outstanding performance  

  • Our windows undergo the most stringent compliance testing performed by an independent laboratory. They always earn the highest ratings in national classification tests.


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