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The Northerm Advantage

Locally Engineered & Manufactured
Northerm’s Energy Star® qualified windows have the following features:
  • Triple glazing with a sealed insulating glass unit
  • Low conductivity or ‘warm edge’ insulating glass spacer
  • Optional Low-emissivity (low-e) glass
  • CSA-A440, CMHC, IGMA and Energy Star® standards.
  • Optional argon gas in the sealed unit
  • Air tight dual rubber compression seals
  • Multi-chamber vinyl frames which reduce heat and cold transfer
  • Welded corners prevent air and water leaks
Why Choose Northerm?
Our custom-made windows are Energy Star® compliant and are the best quality you’ll get anywhere, whether you’re building your new home or renovating. We’ve been manufacturing windows for over 20 years and estimate that there are over a half a million Northerm windows keeping homes and businesses warm in the north.
Our experienced sales staff will walk you step by step through finding what’s right for you. Whether you’re wanting an 1800s historical style or more of a contemporary feel we can help you get the look you’re after. We make it easy for you.
Our windows really are maintenance-free. All you’ll have to do is wipe them from time to time. If ever you have to replace a broken sealed unit all you need to do is snap the retaining strips in and out. It’s that simple.
If all of the original windows and doors in an average older home were replaced by Energy Star® qualified products, energy consumption would be reduced by about 7%. If they were installed in an average new home, consumption would be reduced by about 12%.
When you buy local products you’re not only supporting the Yukon’s economy, but you’ll get quick, efficient and caring customer service right here in your own back yard.
Our windows are engineered for performance, stylishly designed, and bring you warmth and comfort with little or no maintenance. When you install Northerm’s windows you’ll know what we mean. They’re proven, tested and true and covered with extensive warranties so you can sleep easy at night.

3800 Series

3800 series window
This is the industry standard. Our 3800 series is available in dual or triple glazed, with brickmolding available in brown, green, blue, beige or our standard white.

4000 Series

4000 series window
This is our next generation of windows; equipped with up to quad-pane glazing and paintable vinyl. Providing increased R-value, thicker reinforced frames, and heavy-duty hardware, the 4000 series are a step in the right direction. Come in to see the difference between the 3800 and 4000 series!

Available Windows Configurations


Casement window
Casement windows are hinged on one side and open outwards. These windows are the most common openers in our line-up, and are the required style for egress-compliant bedroom windows. They can and often are coupled with fixed sections.


Awning window
Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards. These windows are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens, often in combination with fixed sections.

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Picture window
Picture windows are the most energy efficient form of window, and provide the largest viewable area for a given rough opening.


Fixed window
Fixed windows don’t swing, tilt, or glide; the sash is permanently fixed to a frame. Often flanked by casements, or set above or below an awning.

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Rake window
By combining fixed raker and curved windows with standard fixed or opening windows, you can create an unlimited number of designs.


Awning window
All raker and curved windows are available with our energy-efficient glass, so there’s no need to sacrifice performance for pizzazz.

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