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Fixed windows don’t swing, tilt, or glide; the sash is permanently fixed to a frame. Often flanked by casements, or set above or below an awning.

Efficiency and Beauty

Fixed windows are the most energy efficient form of window, and provide the largest viewable area for a given rough opening.



  • 5/8” “Standard” Grills available in white or brass
  • 5/16” “Slim” Grills available in white, brass, or charcoal
  • Configured to your specifications

Frame Style

  • Standard fixed frame, for maximum viewing area
  • “Heritage” fixed frame, to match the profile of opening windows

Jamb Extensions

  • ½” or ¾” return channel with which to finish with your own wood or drywall
  • “Econo” jambs, combined with our regular or large brickmolding, to accommodate 4-1/2” or 6-1/2” walls
  • “Tremplank” cellular vinyl, provided in 16’ lengths at 7-1/4” depth, to accommodate walls up to 13-3/4” deep


  • “Regular” 1” wide brickmold in white
  • “Large” 1-3/4” wide brickmold in white, brown, green, blue or beige
  • “Deep-set” 1” wide brickmold for deeper walls, available in white
  • “Shallow-set” 1-3/4” wide brickmold for deeper walls, available in white

Window Sizes Chart

Casement & Awning Sizes Chart

Simple Window Configurations Chart

Simple Windows Configurations Chart

Classic Combinations Options

Classic Combinations Options Chart

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